Our Dine in menu

Check out our menu. Specials will change often.

Just a few Breakfast suggestions

(see menu for full display)

Big Breakkie

A tasty vegan alternative also available


Eggs Benedict

available with bacon, ham or spinach


Green Goddess

Avocado buckwheat bowl


Spicy Marsala omelette

3 egg Omelette w chilli, tomato coriander & turmeric


Breakfast Club Sandwich

Fried Eggs, Bacon, relish, tomato, mushroom, Trio toasted sourdough


Brekky Burritos

Creamy scrambled egg, beans, bacon & spinach


Chef’s delishus Picks

Baked Chicken w Marsala mushroom sauce

$ 24.90

Enjoy the delights of streetfood

Vegan or Meat Curry

Changes every day!

$ 14.90

A great plate with healthy ingredients, suitable for vegans too.

Burger Meat, Chicken or Vegan

$ 14.90

Enjoy the variety available

Our Staple Dishes


a range of mouth watering burgers – Chicken, Beef, Mushroom & Vegan

from $14.90


Toppings flowing, flavour extravaganza!

from $16.90

Vegan everywhere!

A tasty erray of vegan meals with all the right flavours

from $12.90

Southern Fried Chicken strips

Looking for a salad or a great chicken, chips & gravy – we do them all

from $14.90

Loaded fries

Top the cheesy fries with slow cooked pork, mushrooms or butter chicken

from $14.90

Burritos. tacos

A tasty vegan snack with the right flavours

from $12.90

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About us

Are you tired of your usual location? We have an exciting new cafe takeaway opening at Atmosfire, Howrah Rd, Howrah Beach End of March! Come visit, sit relax, or takeout for an easy dinner!


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